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Ze Staff

Erich Kuersten
Editor in Chief


NYC resident Erich Kuersten has worked in the art world, advertising, video editing, styrofoam, voiceovers, dog-walking, claymation and academia. He has written for Scarlet Street, Midnight Marquee, Modern Drunkard,, and Muze. He also acts, directs, cries, and composes. His films include The Lacan Hour (2004), and Erich Kuersten: A Poet's Journey (an official rejection of the 2003 Palm Springs Film Festival).

Sasha Denisoff
Senior Editor


Sasha, a cerebral gypsy and intermittent recluse, originally hails from San Francisco but currently resides in Brooklyn whilst finishing her BFA in Creative Writing.  Though nocturnal if left to her own devicessome of her work has seenthe light of day on

L.A. Ruocco


Severine Benzimra
French Correspondent


Severine Benzimra was born and raised in Montpellier, France,  the place where Truffaut directed The Man Who Loved Women. She was introduced to movies through Woody Allen, Hitchckock, Orson Welles and various westerns, because her father didn't like Disney and her mother didn't have time. She introduced herself to Ingmar Bergman, Luchino Visconti and Satyajit Ray as soon as possible. It never ended. Today she is an aspirant historian of the law as well as an aspirant historian of cinema.

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